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A Hospital Satisfaction Survey Report of Taiwan’s Current Implemented Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) Systems

James A. Worley 1, Chien-Yeh Hsu 1, and Cheng-Mei Chen 3
Taipei Medical University/Graduate Institute of Medical Informatics, Taipei, Taiwan
Abstract—This article provides empirical data and findings in-regards to Taiwan’s overall hospital EMRs and its EMR systems. In doing so, it aims to document information about the current status of the EMRs systems which have already been implemented and are currently in use in Taiwan. Objectively, this study contains breakthrough information for the international biomedical informatics community because it has been authorized to use the unpublished data and findings from one survey conducted during a major national Taiwanese project conducted by the National Taiwan Department of Health Committee. The title of this project is, “An evaluation on expediting the processing of Taiwan’s heath care plans; which ultimately produced a final report indexed as RDEC-MIS-100-010”. The methodology of this paper and study uses several statistical methods to precisely deduce knowledge about the overall user satisfaction of the hospital participants whom were polled during the above mentioned project.Furthermore, the research and raw data of this paper was then sought to further elaborate on the issue of Taiwan’s EMRs systems by developing this paper.
Specifically, this paperhas revealed several insightful findings and statistical results based on analytical scientific methodology performed by using a 21 question hospital satisfaction survey which polled 137 public and private hospitals in Taiwan. Through this collaboration, a total of 782 completed surveys were tallied and provided us an ample amount of data to produce several statistical figures and models to support or coinciding discussion and result portion of this paper. In addition to statistical results about Taiwan’s overall hospital EMRs and EMR systems based on the resulting data, all coming from a 21 question satisfaction survey, this paper also consists of a comparative analysis between both public Taiwanese hospitals vs. private Taiwanese hospitals. Finally, based on the data analysis of this paper, we provide some the possible implications for some of the high and low variance trends observed after processing this information.

Index Terms—electronic medical records (EMRs), hospital satisfaction survey, Taiwan health care, National Health Insurance (NHI)

Cite:James A. Worley, Chien-Yeh Hsu, and Cheng-Mei Chen,"A Hospital Satisfaction Survey Report of Taiwan’s Current Implemented Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) ", Journal of Medical and Bioengineering vol. 2, no. 1, pp.75-79, 2013. doi: 10.12720/jomb.2.1.75-79 
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