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Electrospinning of Ethyl Cellulose Fibres with a Heated Needle and Heated Air Using a Co-axial Needle: a Comparison

B. Ahmad1, E. Stride1,2, S. Stoyanov3, E. Pelan3, and Mohan Edirisinghe1
1.Department of Mechanical Engineering at University College London, Torrington Place, London, WC1E7JE, UK
2.University of Oxford, Headington, Oxford, OX 37DQ UK at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering
3.Unilever Research, Olivier van Noortlaan 120, 3130 AC, Vlaardingen, The Netherlands
Abstract—The concept of heated needle and heated air electrospinning process is presented. These techniques allow reduction in fibre diameters by increasing jet attenuation rate. Two experiments were carried out to see the effect of heat on ethyl cellulose fibre diameter. Different concentrations of ethyl cellulose in solution were prepared using a binary solvent system of ethanol and de-ionised water. The optimal concentration of ethyl cellulose was investigated along with parameters such as voltage and flow rate which can be used for electrospinning. The heating provided by the air stream via the co-axial needle generated thinner fibres (diameter up to < 1 μm), as compared to the heated needle electrospinning (diameter < 10 μm).

Index Terms—Co-axial, electrospinning, ethyl cellulose, heated needle, heated air.

Cite: B. Ahmad, E. Stride, S. Stoyanov, E. Pelan, and Mohan Edirisinghe, "Electrospinning of Ethyl Cellulose Fibres with a Heated Needle and Heated Air Using a Co-axial Needle: a Comparison", Journal of Medical and Bioengineering vol. 1, no. 1, pp. 1-3, 2012. doi: 10.12720/jomb.1.1.1-3
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